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Never say Never

If you are even marginally fashion-aware, then you know that Harem pants have been flitting around the edges of the fashion "in" crowd trying to make their way to be main stream.

If you missed the eighties and MC Hammer

a Harem pant is somewhat low slung at the waist and somewhat completely low slung at the crotch. If that does not conjure up an instant shudder then you also need to add a nice tight ankle to the picture you now have in your head.

I know for some of you its early and putting that into your head before
breakfast was not very nice

Then YSL did them in sequins and when combined with black lip gloss and blunt bangs you at first said WTF? and then upon third or fourth glance start to see that there is a certain balance created by the billowing sleeves and corresponding knees of this look.

(If this is the first time you have seen this look then try it yourself. Say EWWWWW
now but then come back tomorrow and then for 3 more days following and see if your fashion forward part of your brain doesn't start to dig it if only for a teeny tiny bit - sorry to tell you this but it will happen whether you want it to or not)

But still you have to admit that even when confronted with the reality of the experiment and challenge posed to you above - you are certainly not rushing out to BUY a pair of Harem pants.
And GOD forbid if you still have a pair scrunched up in your closet - don't you even THINK about digging them up.
Some things should ONLY ever be re-done preferably in new & inflammable fabric and not resurrected.
We are not talking couture 1950s frocks here.
The original harem pant should probably be burned if it has not already self-combusted on you.

So after all this you still probably are laughing and saying NEVER - even if the harem pant is in Vogue (Paris of course)
and even if I might buy black lip gloss -whether I wear it in public or not
but harem pants


Am I right?


Cause then one day you are scrolling through the internet and you see a picture of some fabulous girl who makes the damn pant really work

Never say never girls.
Cause someone will show you why not
damn her

1 comment:

WendyB said...

Oh yeah, there have been quite a few bloggers who make the pants look like the most desirable thing ever!

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