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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Miss me?

I have been traveling for my "other" career and maybe doing a bit of buying on the side - a girl does have to stay true to her roots) and so have missed out on blogging for such a long time. Honestly sometimes it is so hard to get the time to sit and write every day - you have no idea. Unless of course you run your own blog and then you do. Plus even though I know there are a ton of you that stop by ever day cause I can see you on my stats, I am just a little blog in the world of bloggers AND I just don't seem to be one of those blogs that prompt a gazillion of you to start and then hold a fabulous discourse in the comments section. So sometimes it gets a bit discouraging and I will admit to a moment or two of a full on pout when I feel that it is sort of pointless...... however that being said I guess I can suck it up adn post for the people that I know might actually like reading my drivel so let's do a bit of a catch-up shall we? In no particular order here is just a teeny bit of what happened last week!.........

Meet Isabella.
This week I snuck in the time to add a new line under the moniker S-Couture. I have found an artist and avid vintage collector who re-does and re-creates original vintage pieces and makes them their own little works of art. She was selling on Ebay under Victorian Bedouin but will be working exclusively with Shrimpton Couture from now on. Each dress is entirely done by hand and takes about a month to complete. Each is signed, labeled and numbered. We will be offering bespoke services and taking special orders so keep an eye out!

Apparently New York fashion week was held. I missed every bit of coverage and am just hoping the collections went a better direction then the current fall line-up

Vintage made Vogue this week when the upcoming auction taking place on October 30 by Christie’s South Kensington. The event will auction an extensive collection of late-twentieth-century fashion assembled by visionary dealers Mark Haddawy and Katy Rodriguez, who founded Resurrection, the inspirational Manhattan vintage resource, in 1996.

This is the fabulous Hotel Del Coronada were My Guy and I laid out asses poolside for a day and a half before starting a whirlwind tour that took us to three countries, 8 cities and countless airplanes. Air Canada serves warm cookies and ice cream on their flights and their new cabins are upgraded with individual Pod seats. I highly recommend that airline whenever possible.

This is a shot of Marilyn Monroe, who shot Some Like It Hot at the Dell. I stood on this exact same spot and recreated this shot for you all. But did not actually have a camera so imagine amongst yourself for a moment. (Did you really think me stupid enough to go a direct toe to toe with Marylin Monroe) ((hey that rhymes))

Wendy B wore vintage Ossie Clark to a Zang Toi event and the Reem Acra fashion show last week for a real life vintage spot

And she wore Ossie Clark again earlier in the week!


In other news....Shrimpton Couture has been asked to contribute to an upcoming book that will be published in April of 2009. Can't say more then that yet.........And it looks like one of the major pieces that is currently listed on the site will be becoming a highlighted piece in an upcoming exhibit at a major American Museum. Again lips are sealed but as soon as we can spill we will.....we just shipped off a gown that may potentially be worn as one of my fave client's wedding dress......AND YES we did pick up lots of new lovelies so look for a MAJOR update on the site soon!


WendyB said...

I always look forward to your posts -- even when I'm not in them -- so don't give up!

Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

Congrats on the book opp Cherie!

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