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This article in Vogue this morning:

ONE-TIME Vogue cover girl Catherine Zeta-Jones has raised the bar for shoe obsessives everywhere by admitting that she buys her favourite styles in bulk so that wherever she is in the world, she'll never be at a loss for the finishing touch to an outfit.

With bases in Los Angeles, Quebec, Majorca and Bermuda, it's understandable that the Welsh actress could be frustrated at not having access to that perfect shoe, so she simply stocks each of her homes with identical wardrobes - much to the dismay of her other half, Michael Douglas.

"I have to buy duplicates," she admits to WALESONLINE.CO.UK. "It's something that I have to continually explain to my husband. The worst thing about having all these houses is that when I have an outfit and I think it's going to look great with a certain pair of shoes, they're in Mallorca or Bermuda. So that's why."

Sparked the following conversation between me and My Guy

Me: Babe I think you should be glad we don't own multiple houses
My Guy: Why is that?
Me: Because you know I am a shoe nut right?
My Guy: (Insert guy grunt here) Uh huh
Me: So Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas own all these houses around the world adn it causes her tons of problems
My Guy: Uh huh
Me: See when she finds shoes she likes she has to buy one for each house so she is never stuck anywhere like Bermuda without her favorite shoes.....so they aren't back in New York or something. See now I don't seem so bad huh? At least I only buy ONE of each shoe.


Imagine very serious guy look

My Guy: I think you should not read that kind of stuff anymore

He leaves the room

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