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Real Life Vintage Spot - Karla of Karls's Closet

There is a slew of young fashion bloggers out there that are posting their pictures on-line and giving their readers a glimpse on their thoughts and style. I have just done a link swap with Karla - of Karla's Closet - and could not resist sharing a picture form her post today. Today she wears the craziest ass vintage fringed pants I have ever seen and for some odd reason I understand why she was drawn to them. I love statement pieces and while these might not be hanging around the park pants they sure are the pants of a true individual. Though as a vintage dealer - one has to wonder -what the heck went with them originally? That I would have like to see - cause I can almost guarantee you there was a matching top to them at some point

Go see what the rest of Karla's outfit was comprised of by clicking here


Anonymous said...

I bet they were shakin' it in an Elvis film in a former life!

WendyB said...

Incredible pants.

Trendy Gourmandise said...

very original pants

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