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Thierry Mugler

Go read this great article on on Vogue.com with musings by the women who wore his clothes. If you have not yet hears - Mugler is back. Or at least his label is under the new modified moniker Thierry Mugler Edition, the great Mugler himself now designs theater costumes - helo can you think of a better career for him? Though it does go to how you the dangers of selling the rights to your name - young aspiring designers take note!

Thierry Mugler with Jerry Hall in one of his sequined evening gowns with a sheer wrap, 1995.

The new label will be run under the direction of Rosemary Rodriguez, who worked with Thierry Mugler way back when the label was in its heyday.

Diana Ross and Thierry Mugler at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, 1993

These are some of the pictures from the article if you just want to have a little Thierry moment with me

Jerry Hall, Chrystèle Saint Louis Augustin, and Eva Herzigova model outfits from the 1996 spring/summer ready-to-wear collection by Thierry Mugler.

My FAVE of all
A 1997 spring/summer haute couture look by Thierry Mugler.


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