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What Does Clobber mean anyway?

Its actually a British slang for "clothes" as far as I can figure out - though if I am wrong I know one of my fab UK friends will jump in and let us know.

Its also a label that if you are a vintage lova like moi, then you do a little happy dance when you come across one of these pieces.

The Clobber boutique and the pieces produced where from none other then one of my fave designers - the great Jean Varon from 1964 - 1974. It's not a common occurrence to find pieces labeled under the store name and even less common to find a fabulous fucking piece like this one.

Feast your eyes ladies:

High empire waist line and those fab high cap sleeves

Goegeous maxi skirt and full cut back

And the fabric is one I literally have not seen before- almost an extremely fine terry chenille, upon which that vibrant floral print just pops at you!

Be warned though - it's cut very small through the chest. All the fault of those damn fabulous skinny English modelly type bitches back in the sixties with their teeny tiny fabulous titties.

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