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RSVP Inspirations

The publishing of the Globe & Mail story coincided with an email I received form Christine about her recent trip to Paris and her inspirations found while there for some of the new dresses being made right now for the RSVP line!

From Christine:

While in Paris I returned to my habitual haunts (I lived in Paris for 10 years before moving back here so know the city inside and out) and fell in love with a new perfume which has inspired a line of dresses:

I visited the markets at Porte de Clingancourt and Porte d'Orléans and found two amazing things: first, a collection of lockets belonging to a dame "of certain age" and second, a crystal perfume bottle that still contained a whiff of scent........ it's label is "n'aimez que moi" and I have to track it down! It means "love only me" and I have decided to name each dress by that name with each numbered in the manner of a Chanel perfume.

Since both treasures where found at the same place and both inspired me, I will be making this series of dresses with those lockets sewn onto

I include a picture of the current work in progress that you may
post....... I believe I will make about five of these.....we will see what comes!

I also went to Berlin, Antwerp and Brussels.......... found antique
lace in Brussels and incredible vintage in Antwerp so I am utterly inspired!

This photo shows a dress that is being constructed now with its little antique locket at the neck. It already looks stunning and I cannot wait to see how it and the others turn out! I expect to have some finished dresses within the next week or so so stay tuned!

If you are interested in this dress or
want to see the other RSVP for S-Couture pieces visit Shrimpton Couture

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StyleSpy said...

N'Aimez Que Moi is a perfume that was created in 1917 by the house of Caron. They also have one called Aimez-Moi. They're lovely calssics -- congrats on a great vintage find. Your dresses are stunning, I love each one more than the last.

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