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Weirdest moment

I am traveling this week and at lunch popped into the local Holt Renfrew today. I wandered about hoping to see some of the resort pieces that should be coming in and found myself in the Michael Kors mini-boutique.

On the front of a rack of dresses a little black cocktail dress caught my eye. I had a bit of a wobbly moment when I realized that what I was looking at was a carbon copy of a dress I had sold to a US client back about a year and a half ago. The dress on the rack had a rhinestone brooch piece attached to the collar, but other then that it was the same dress.

Same fabric, same cut, same color.
It was the most disconcerting moment.
I actually picked the dress up to see if it did have a tag in it or if somehow it actually was my dress there for some odd reason, even while the logical part of me was laughing at this absurd thought.

What a weird feeling to see a dress that has passed though your hands be on a rack in a department store - well a facsimile of it anyway.

It was like being in a Vintage Twilight Zone


WendyB said...

I bet a lot of vintage sellers get this feeling. There's nothing new under the sun, is there!

Anonymous said...

Read an interesting book on fashion not too long ago and apparently some designers send their minions out to scrounge vintage shops, museums, etc. to see what "speaks" to them. Sounds like that vintage dress of yours really spoke to someone huh?

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