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Dita Watch

Dita is all over couture week so I have decided to post what she wears when I can find it.
Here she is at the Eli Saab Haute Couture show in an elaborately ruffled suit.
Probably Dior.

I find Dita somewhat fascinating if only for the sheer effort that she must put into her daily attire. Actually let me modify that statement. It's easy to get dressed - even if this out fit looks elaborate its really a jacket, a skirt and a pair of shoes and a bag. That is not so hard. But the hair and make-up - that takes effort and time. And its not like she just does this for the sake of a couture show. Nope, she does this daily, like a woman of the 1940s.

I am a bit jealous actually. First of all, she is very talented at it - she always looks spot on and gets it just right - its an astonishing and quite perfect combination of 1940s glam retro with a decidedly modern mix that keeps it just on the right side of costume.

There is ab old story about Marilyn Monroe where she walks down a street like a normal girl and no one even looks at here twice and then then she walks back down the same street as "Marilyn" and does the infamous walk. The lesson being is that "Marilyn" was a persona that she put on and off at will. It was completely her, but only one part of the her that made her up as a whole. It was a decision when it was brought out and put to use. Dita has this quality. I have a feeling that she often walks about and you don't even know it as she sheds her "Ditaness" and becomes the other part of herself. We all do it to a certain degree but when the persona is so true and so focused it is something to see isn't it?

UPDATE: Our most favorite MR Anonymous has clarified for us that the suit was Elie Saab not Dior. Though I still think it looks Diorish no? (read that in a French accent please) Thanks Mr. A! You do know your fashion - which makes me wonder just who you are.........


Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous here!
Dita is actually wearing Eli Saab
not Dior
she is so stunning

Sally House said...

I always think Dita looks perfect everytime I see her in pictures. She is definitely one of a kind

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