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Excerpts from Conversations with My Guy

Watching Jay Leno and they start talking about the Paris Hilton BFF show. Sidekick guy on show says "what is a BFF anyway" Jay answers "Best Friend Forever"

I turn to My Guy and say "Duh who doesn't know that, even you knew that one, didn't you?"

He says "Yeah but for the longest time I thought it meant something else"

"Really? What?"

"Best Fucking Friend"

Hysterical laughing from me ensues, till I can gasp "Seriously?"

"Yeah that's why I thought they shortened it to BFF, you know, so they could print it"

When I can speak again I ask, "what about LOL then, what did you think that was at first?"

He replies "I had no idea - thought it was dumb, then thought it was some guys name, so everytime you wrote LOL I would think to myself, who the fuck is this Lol guy? But then after that, I kinda got educated on the whole internet slang, till this BFF thing came along."

Long pause

"Thought it was like WTF and everyone knows what that stands for, right?"

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WendyB said...

All I can say is...LOL!

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