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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Guess who?

I just received the most fun email.
My friend, who runs a well known vintage website, popped me an email to tell me that the gorgeous Galanos dress worn by Heidi Klum to the Globes last night

originally passed through HER hands from its original former Miss America owner.

A certain very well know Las Angeles vintage store that caters to the stars purchased the dress from my friend and now its out and about cavorting with Seal.

Lucky dress

This story also goes to show you to stick with vintage selling girls like my friend and I, who scout out the BEST pieces and sell them for reasonable prices whether you are a celebrity or not, which is far smarter to do than to wait until they pass through our hands and on to the "celebrity" stores and get marked up tenfold
(or more)

Although I personally might stipulate that if Heidi Klum comes and shops directly with me that she brings Seal along. What's the use of having things other girls lust over if you can't strike a little bargain now and again, right?

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Adaora A. said...

AMAZING! The dress is stunning too. I love vintage but I can't' afford to pay what she no doubt shelled out for it. I'll just stick with reasonable folks like yourself.

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