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Karl Kracks Me Up

First of all I adore this picture of Karl Lagerfeld - he is usually so staid in his photos. And I ALMOST suspect that he may have a smile on his face in this photo, which is completely unlike him (unless of course he just back-handedly slammed someone, in which case you do see the ghost of a smirk). Second, though he might not be the most eloquent communicator at all times, he does tend to say it like it is, or at least like it is in his world. And he says it bluntly, and in your face and most importantly, he does not give a flying fuck if you agree with him or not. All of which, are qualities that I personally adore in a person. In fact, one of the things that drive me nuts sometimes is the lack of people who feel free to express their opinion. Especially when they are in the Arts, I mean whats the point of going against society and doing your own thing and being creative and an utter genius if you then toe the line the rest of your life?

So that being said, it was with utter delight that I came across this bit of quotes from darling Karl on the recession, which oddly enough are an edited version of a conversation I had myself with a colleague just a week ago. My view in that conversation was exactly in line with Lagerfelds. And I don't give a flying fuck either if you don`t agree. Though I do hope we can still be friends.

"I see it like a cleaning up - it was too rotten anyway - so it had to be cleaned up," the designer muses stoically. "I see it like a healthy thing - horrible but healthy, like some miracle treatment of the world."

"People have different kinds of dreams. After all, people need a handbag, there are cheaper handbags. But if you can buy a beautiful one and if that's your dream to buy, why not? I can be interested in a $20 million diamond I will never buy, without desiring the diamond. If you want only things you can afford, it's boring."

"It's great to see things you may not buy - because you don't have the money - but it is very ugly to think they shouldn't exist because you can not buy them."

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