We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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....there is a football game on today?

My Guy and I are knee deep in doing renovations , hence the lack of posting yesterday - we where assembly wardrobes for the guest bedroom and moving furniture.
Guest room number one - done!

At some point today I hope to finish the descriptions and pricings of the last crop of new items. There are six in total to finish. Since this football thing seems to take people's minds over and the fashion news is sparse, I will leave you with photos of the 6 new dresses being finished. One you already saw but it is so pretty I will post it again anyway.

If you must watch football today instead of shop at Shrimpton Couture, at least be thankful for the uniforms that do highlight a well toned butt quite nicely.

Happy Superbowl

First the new Day Dresses

This 1940s Silk print dress is one of the prettiest I have even seen with its gathered front and fresh colors

And three new dresses from our Vintage Designer Section too!

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WendyB said...

I think I'll pass on the Bernshaw dress ;-)
No one wants to see that!

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