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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Gimmee Some Halston

Long wrap dress

Silk asymmetric dress

Silk jersey scarf dress

The New Halston pieces are slowly starting to trickle into Net-a-Porter.

I am just such a nut over this collection.
I am a little sad at the pricing though.
It's higher then what I expected it to be.
And I am the last girl to cheap out.
I mean, I have happily shelled out well over $1000 for some of my personal vintage Halston pieces. (Though I have even more happily shelled out less then $100 for some of my collection - those are REALLY good days when that happens)
But when dresses start to hit the $5k mark. Yikes.
And sadly the one that is at that price point (pictured above) is the one I want the most so far out of the current selection showing.
I just might be waiting till it is vintage I guess.

Halston did not present a runway collection this season at the shows. Instead they did a video presentation. It is showing in full on their site and you can see it by clicking here. If you do take a minute and check it out, then stay there awhile and watch the the Spring 2009 video presentation that is there, and then maybe watch the Fall Runway show too. All of it is really amazing stuff. I bought the Misa over the knee suede boots from the Fall 2008 collection and have to tell you that I Love Love Love them.

In the Fall 2009 video there are a few really stand out pieces - the red jumpsuit - a black one shoulder gown......but again I was a teeny bit disappointed that no where on the site or on the web for that matter is a full pictorial of the entire collection.

Net-A-Porter only has the pieces that are for sale and available now, and the Halston site does not show the full collection anywhere. I appreciate the videos but I want to see the clothes. I want to see the details. I want to see the entire collection so I know which pieces I would really want. Tamara if you stumble across this blog - please add a table to the site that shows the collections in stills. Girls like me want to see the pretties in full. Don't dissapoint your fans.

Oh and feel free to give me a spectacular discount for making you aware of this slight flaw in your presentation. It will go to good use - trust me.

Tamara Mellon in the dress shown above


WendyB said...

Look at those boots! Love.

Mewer said...

Keep hanging in there, o shrimp~

Halston's worth the wait

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