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Sneak Peek

One of the big stories in the fashion world today is that Halston is releasing a video in lieu of a fashion show. Not so surprising since they chose to show their collectuion last season on a recreated "Halston room" based on the original. Seems like Tamara is doing things her way as per usual. That is why she is my Mentor even if she does not yet know it.

Style.com debuted the trailer today and I have copied it above. Here's what they had to say:

In an innovative new move, Halston’s Fall ‘09 presentation will be all digital. Dree Hemingway (yes, Ernest’s great-grandbaby) models the season’s looks all over New York city via video, but Halston’s guests won’t have to go anywhere. Instead, the clip, produced by award-winning creative agencies Blink Productions and Colonel Blimp and directed by Nez Khammel, will be e-mailed to editors, retailers, and other fans of the brand on February 13, followed by lookbooks a day or so later. Style.com has a sneak peek at the film.

I love Halston so if you are reading this and have some tucked away you better be emailing me right away because you will have a buyer!

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