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Spotted - Michelle Obama

Michelle Obabma wearing yet another new dress made in the style of a vintage one.

Is it just me or is she actually starting to look like a real girl and not just like a politician's wife? I mean, she has real hair! As opposed to the standard helmet hair that is standard in Washington.

The dress is by Stevie Wonder's wife, Kia Miller. Appropriate since the event this was worn to was a White House concert honoring the legendary Stevie Wonder.

So apparently when I blogged at 7:42 this morning I should have had 2 cups of coffee first. I misspelled KAI Millers name and have been told to do my research by an anonymous commenter. I did do my research I just happen to have dyslexia and often flip letters when typing or writing. If ti where not fro spell chcek evrey sentnece would look like adn thsi. And I often use the wrong where when I should were. And God forbid you drive with me, because it seriously affects my left and rights. If I tell My Guy to turn left he will automtically ask if I mean MY left or the real left. So lighten up cause I can't really help it. And if I do fuck up with the switching letter thing, at least be nice about it -I am use to everyone making fun of my adn's & form instead of from, or better yet go read someone else's blog where they spell pretty.

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Anonymous said...

Stevie Wonder's wife's name is Kai Milla. Do your research!

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