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Vintage At the Brit Awards, Rachel & Dita

Alexa Chung wore a sequined vintage dress to the Brit Awards
While across the ocean in NYC, Rachel Zoe made an appearance in a one shoulder Armani dress.
Its not a vintage dress but that's OK, I just like to post pictures of Rachel when I find em

There are a lot of one shoulder dresses out there these days but I still think my vintage Oscar De La renta one from my personal archives is still one of the best ones out there
sorry Georgio

Meanwhile, Dita Von Teese was at the “Cloak & Dagger Butterfly” book launch party on Tuesday in Beverly Hills, California in what looks to be a vintage dress, but with every designer hitting the vintage archives these days who knows.

photo from Just Jared

And speaking of designer using vintage as inspiration, look to a certain west coast coat designer's next season and see if you recognize a variation on this piece

Its not the first time a piece from Shrimpton has gone out into the world and influenced a new design. We just can't tell who all the time. But you know who you are.

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