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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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WIN $300 Shopping Spree at Shrimpton Couture!


Three Day Contest

Three Day Contest

Celebrities know that wearing vintage to big events will guarantee that they will be the only girl there in that dress! Now you can wear what the celebrities wear!

Mint condition, Luxury Vintage, Reconstructed Pieces & Couture can all be found at Shrimpton Couture.

One of the best kept secrets on the web and your one stop shopping place to find extraordinary vintage couture. And they ship for FREE worldwide.

One lucky INO winner will receive a $300 in goods - your choice from the website.

How do I enter?

Click here to leave your email on my contest submission form. You do not need to be registered to participate in this contest.

Three Day ContestThree Day ContestThree Day ContestThree Day Contest


I'm Not Obsessed is one of my favorite gossip sites on the net!
If it's not already on your daily MUST READ list you need to add it now!

Technically the three days are over - but until the next contest starts at INO you can still sneak in a entry!

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