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Heidi Got Lucky

And snagged herself one of the Victoria Beckham dresses that are now sold out worldwide. She paired hers with YSL Tribute shoes. I am all over this look right now. I am at a trade show this week (for my other occupation) and have worn this silhouette every day - black, super fitted, with or without a jacket, pumps and a Birkin. Except for practical purposes my shoes have been a lesser heeled double strap Mary Jane Manolo Blahnik. Much more doable when you have to spend hours tromping about and going from one meeting to the next.

Every time I see a picture of the YSL's there is a part of me that regrets not snagging a pair. They do look fabulous when photo'd but in real life they are so high and have a decidedly, well stripperish look. They are seriously high and seriously stacked. But damn they do look good.....maybe if I ever see them at an outlet I will succumb. Its easier to justify when marked down 70 or 80 percent isn't it?

On another note altogether, this picture also made me have a flash of "want" for blonde hair, I do love the effect of the all black, fitted ensemble paired with blonde don't you? Any one who knows me, knows that I am constantly changing my hair, so you never know. I have been dark for several years now but spent most of my life as a blonde so it's not such a stretch to contemplate it. Anyone know a GREAT colorist in Toronto?


Nina (femme rationale) said...

heidi looks great! and i love the ysl heels...i'm all for stripper shoes. haha

Best Celebrity Legs said...

These YSL shoes have been a favorite all season. I particularly liked the suede version that some of the celebs had strapped on. They are gorgeous. Not practical but definitely amazing.

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