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Pelted in Poiret

Over at Vogue UK, blogger Virginia Bates tells of her fur related episode during Paris fashion week. She wore a rare and fabulous fur and lame Poiret coat to the Dior show (pictured) and was set upon by anti-fur demonstrators. Here is what she says:

"Leaving the show I was set upon by a crowd I thought were after my Poiret coat. Having been showered with sand - and shouted at - I realized they were anti-fur demonstrators intent on ruining the Musquash collar on my Twenties coat. Musquash, by the way, is a rodent."

As a vintage fashionista I have to tell you I almost died upon reading this. A Poiret coat is one of the rarest things in the world and the thought of it being pelted with sand almost made me cry. What I love about the story is that she is so immersed in vintage that she truly believes that a crowd of people instantly spotted her coat for what it was and came after her. If only people where that educated about vintage!!

I also had a bit of a giggle over her reference to the fact that Musquash is rodent.
One can almost hear the disdain that rodent fur should be confused as being "real" fur through the written words.

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WendyB said...

Scary. Maybe that coat needs to go live in a museum. I'm amazed that a Poiret is walking around in real life!

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