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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Salma Has Good Taste

Salma Hayek and her husband Francois-Henri Pinault where spotted with daughter Valentina Friday. These pictures caught my eye and I clicked on them to see her boots. Then I realized she was wearing MY boots (OK not my specific pair, but I have the same ones!)

They are Gucci from about 2 years ago and I still wear mine too.


They are the MOST comfortable, easiest to wear and most fabulous boots.
Gucci should reissue them.
Every where I go I get stopped and asked where I got them.
In fact, about a month ago I was in the lobby of The Sutton Place in Toronto checking in with My Guy and I notice two women doing the whisper behind their hands and the once over looks at me. Finally, one breaks away and says she just had to ask where I got my boots and who made them. I explain that they are Gucci but long gone for stores and she is crushed. She joins her friend again and more whispering ensues. The next thing I know her and her girlfriend walk up and start taking photos of my FEET.
I swear to God.

Them are some good boots.

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