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See How Small the Vintage World is?

Decades posted this Jean Patou dress on March 19th.

But Lisa Rhina wore it to the What Comes Around Goes Around Fall 2009 Collection Launch on March 18th.

So did she borrow it from Decades to wear to what is perhaps a rival? For the super big vintage dealers, is this the equivalent of wearing YSL to a Chanel Show? Or did she wear it and realized she was now photographed in it and sold it to Decades?
Would love to know the story behind this one.
It's a bit of vintage intrigue

There is tons of vintage all over the web this week becasue of the events in LA. I have been finding new shots everyday. It's great to see it - vintage should be every girl's choice to wear to evening events. How else do you ensure that you are the only one wearing it. Though as the story above shows, perhaps you should just buy it outright so it stays in your closet after wards!! You should buy and wear vintage becasue you are addicted to it like the rest of us fabulous girls!!

Perrey Reeves in a vintage Loris Azzaro black dress

Allison Miller wore vintage Ungaro
(wait till you see the one I have coming!!)

Rose McGowan in Vintage Loris Azzaro

Lisa Rhinna again in Vintage Bill Blass

And the Host himself - Cameron Silver, with his lovely & expecting co-host Rachel Griffiths in vintage Sarmi

My one question was - where was RACHEL ZOE???
Am so sad to not see her at the event!

all pictures from Decades & The Red Carpet Fashion Awards sites


WendyB said...

I have quite a few pieces from Cameron.

Shrimpton Couture said...

I am not surprised! Cameron has a great eye!!

Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

Hey Cherie!
I actually attended the show. Took video too. Check out the video on my blog. I know you'll appreciate it! There were a lot of vintage dressed celebs there. But I was star struck by the clothing.

Shrimpton Couture said...

Sandra that is great!! Thanks for the heads up - heading there now....

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