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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Shout Out - Catwalk Queen

See the post below taken directly & verbatim from the

Catwalk Queen

Yeesh it's so sweet I am still blushing!
Thank you SO much!!

Shop Shrimpton Couture for fabulous high-end vintage


Imagine a vintage store with a collection so beautiful edited that you find yourself wanting every single piece (even the stuff from the 80s). Now rejoice that it actually exists.

In my imaginary fashion dream world I have the body of Christina Hendricks and the bank balance to allow me to buy almost exclusively from Shrimpton Couture. In reality, I can only start saving and hope that in a few months time the 1950s hobble dress in my size is still in stock. Selling everything from exquisite 30s couture to more modern classics like Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses (original 70s ones, not modern alternatives), this is high-end vintage at its best, and definitely worth a look if you're a bit of a fashion historian. They also have a great blog that shows just how well they know their subject!

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