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Sometimes Someone Just Says it Better

I think this is my fave post on Miuccia Prada ever - its a bit genius, a bit insane, decidedly twisted and yet beautiful in it's own oddly fascinating way.
Which is exactly how Miucca often makes me feel upon first viewing her latest collections until my brain can catch up to her vision.

Taken verbatim with permission from the blog White Lightning


she's like a rainbow

i guess i need to put my tits away for FW 09..a flat white breastbone is clearly a gal's best friend (isn't it always):

prada f/w 09

sooo...is this a fur/brocade swingy dress thang with rain boots? mmmkay. just checking (if you were wondering, i love it madly)

i don't now what's happening here, hip wader garter-hosen?:

prada f/w 09


how bout feet-hawks?!

prada f/w 09

so sick. like the movie GLADIATOR plus the knights of ROHAN (nerdsauce, watched lotr all day, BUSTED!) plus SID VICIOUS but AS A MARY-JANE! wannnnnt to wear. you do too, don't lie.

oohhhh go ahead, LAUGH at us, you pazzo regazza. it just gets weirder and we just love it more. i hate slash love you, forever and evs.

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