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Spotted - Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe makes the rounds at the Karl Lagerfeld bash this week.

Now I could be very wrong in this observation but I would bet that the what Rachel is wearing under her fur and over her jeans is a vintage dress - hiked up to tunic length.

I do this all the time and its a great way to get more out of a dress when traveling light. Not that anyone travels light to fashion week. Nope - that is a pull out all the stops packing occasion for sure. Everything is usually meticulously planned down to the last tiny detail and available clothes wearing moment.


As a girl who travels often and can pack a pretty mean suitcase, I have to tell you that sometimes you just have a moment once you are there when you just cahnge your mind.
Do you ever do that? I do.

When I travel I usually try every outfit on prior to the trip - right down to the shoes and appropriate under garments. That way I know there are no surprises and everything will fit,. That everything is pressed and ready to go. Even when I know its tried and true item, I do this anyway cause you just never know.

Then I pack it all up in order for the week, or weekend, or whatever.
(Yes I realize I just made myself sound a little (or a LOT) anal,
but trust me on this its worth it when traveling - especially on business)
But even with all that planning, almost inevitably there is that one day when all plans fall aside - the weather is different from what you thought it would be - you have an unexpected event to attend, or you just find yourself in a different mood then what you thought you would be in.
Or maybe you ate too much the might before and the dress that works on your pre-trip skinny ass nis now a tad snug.

When this happens a girl has to get creative and use what she has.

This is a total guess but I think Rachel had a "change my mind" moment (I somehow doubt she had a fatty moment) and got creative.

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