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Train Cases

I saw this photo of Alexa Chung today. She attended the Fendi bash in a simple black dress and flats , but she chose to carry a Fendi Train Case instead of a more conventional handbag.

If you are but a babe in arms, you may not recognize these - woman use to carry them when they traveled by train to ensure that all their make-up and potions would keep upright and secure. I have a little thing about these - and for vintage hatboxes too and every once in while travel with them even if they are a colossal pain in the ass now that traveling is an ordeal, rather then a luxury.

These are a few cases spanning different decades from my personal archives. Its just a quick snapshot on one of the house bed's so please excuse the quality. Even so I think it gives you a great idea of how fabulous these cases can be!

From the left,
Blue leather Hermes case, 1950s or 60s,
Hunter Green Hermes Case with Hidden bottom, 1940s
Canvas logo print Gucci Case, 1970s

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