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The YSL Sequin Jumper

When I first saw this sequined strapless YSL jumper on Becki Newton I was on the fence. I know the harem look is in and I loved the color but there was something about the line of it that was not doing it for me. I am a bit obsessed with jumpsuits, one shoulder and strapless things at the moment so I went back to it a few times but still it did not fully resonate with me for some reason.

Then I saw this picture of the same jumpsuit and I realized that it was the proportion of the jumpsuit on Becky that was throwing me. The leg lands mid-calf on Becky whereas on a uber tall model the leg lands just below the knee. It could be a bad camera angle in the top picture but it sure does throw the whole look doesn't it?

((My Guy pipes in that inches obviously count in fashion too - sigh))

This is the piece head on as presented on the runway - I like how it is styled best here and this makes me want to find and buy it. Simple hair with height to balance the bare shoulders, no jewelery to compete unnecessarily with the sequins and most important of all do you notice the different shoe? Know I know that YSL cage shoe is all over the fashion rags but it is not a "pretty shoe". The grids make it boxy and harsh on the eye. I just cannot get into it. And when you have a girl who already has legs shorter then a runway model adding a ankle strap can really detract form the eye. In both the top two photos the shoes are ankle strap versions. But on the runway the shoe, though higher on the ankle has a prettier more Grecian line.
That's the version I want.

I think the lesson here is that it's great to wear the latest and greatest straight from the runway, and I realize most clothes are borrowed these days when they are that new, so you have to take em as is or leave em. But please can we get back to timeless, fitted clothing? That jumpsuit altered to fit Becky's frame would have been so much better for her.

On the upside, seeing it that way first did potentially keep me from spending a fortune on buying it for myself. Not quite the intention the designer was going for, I am sure

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Rococo Vintage said...

I simply adore Becki Newton, and as a petite girl myself I sympathize with length troubles, but... in the photo, it looks a bit as if she is wearing a mermaid costume, no?

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