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Spotted - Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh got a lot of press this season at the shows and when I saw this photo snapped by Tommy over at The Jak & Jil Blog I thought I would post it for you. It is interesting to see how closely Gareth's own personal style matches his collections and we often don't pay attention to the designers behind the labels till they reach mega-celebrity status.

He also presents a menswear collection which he sells in woman's sizes - and I have to say its pretty good - I think I would definitely do a wander over to the mens racks myself!
Click here to see that collection and you can go here to see the woman's full runway fall 2009 collection.

Definitely the stuff of future vintage!


Denise said...

Looove Gareth Pugh!

kaitlyn said...

he. is so. sexyyy. marc & tom better watch their backs. =]

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