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Spotted - Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney was spotted in her own Fall 2009 designs looking quite rocker chic fabulous. I have to tell you that Stella's collection for me has done a bit of a back and forth thing on my love radar until now. There was a time when you could not catch me even looking at another designer when I need a perfectly cut suit. I still pull out her black tailored, nipped waist, tuxedo influenced suit from about 4 years ago when I really need to feel like a powerful girl. No one could compare when it came to cut and execution. But then she went the other way and delved into the draped, of the moment, fashion editors must wear, look, and her collections for me became a bit of a toss up when it came to choosing a piece. An entire season would sometimes go by without even a lust, never mind purchase.

But for fall 2009 - Stella is back.
I love this collection!

Here is the actual dress she is wearing as it appeared on the runway - it's not one of my must-buy picks, but it's interesting to see how close the one she wears is to this piece - it might even be the same. I also find it interesting to note the sample that makes the celebrity at events rounds, and get photo'd in the magazines, and then look back at them when they actually hit the stores. I subconsciously use it as a bit of a test to see how true a designer sticks to their vision. Its unbelievable how far the runway differs from what lands in the stores sometimes

And here is the money shot- this is the detail shot on those genius, gorgeous, gotta have, thigh high perforated boots she is wearing in the very first picture.
These I must own!
Seriously, Derek, you had better be finding these for me darling, cost be damned!
(Derek is THE guy to hook you up show-wise at Holt Renfrew on Bloor)

And I wanted to share these with you too. We all know the constant fervor on fur and that Stella takes an adamant anti-fur stance. We all saw the big over-sized, Muppet reminiscent attempts made by Prada 2 season ago and to be frank there has just not been a fur substitute coat that I have seen yet that makes me go gaga and not just gag. Now I won't buy a new fur but I sure as hell have ooohed & awwhhed over a few that I have seen. That I will admit to, but I have never until now, got excited over a coat meant to substitute for the real thing.
Until now that it.

In my opinion Stella has hit it on the mark with these pieces

I cannot WAIT to see these in real life and feel them - don't they look like you could just hold them in your hands for hours? They are like some rocked out PC version of the mad Mongolian goat furs we saw all over the media during the fashion weeks this year. I am very impressed.

Thank God these are Fall 2009 and not Spring - gives me some time to start budgeting now


WendyB said...

How warm do you think those tall pleather boots are? The perforations are breathing holes!

Shrimpton Couture said...

Warm? Since when does warm count when wearing such fabulousness? Besides if you wear the coat you will be half warm :-)

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