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Reverie Is in The House!!

I am super excited to announce that I have just added another terrific designer to the reconstructed vintage section of the shop!

Reverie NYC is a line that uses vintage pieces and baubles form a variety of eras to make delicious one-of-a-kind pieces! And they have made a capsule collection exclusively for Shrimpton Couture!

Click here to see whats in the shop!

Who is Reverie?

Designed by Alison Woodward, Reverie is a jewelry line that has been attracting attention from selective stylists, buyers and fashion insiders since it’s launch in 2003.

Based in New York City, Alison studied Architectural Preservation at The New School as well as Interior Design in the Design, Art, Architecture and Planning program at the University of Cincinnati. Her line is an unrivalled and fresh approach to using antique materials in altogether contemporary designs. She pays great attention to removing the original context while combining contrasting elements.

Inspired by all things historic, she designs every piece in such a way as to highlight each element’s most exquisite or unusual detail, in turn, resulting in a beautifully proportioned and intricately constructed piece of jewelry. Despite the awe that is commonly felt over some of her pieces, they are all created with the intent for wear-ability.


smashingbird said...

these new pieces are really lovely, the shop is looking amazing!

Rosie Unknown said...

Those are brilliant!

I wanted to let you know I gave you an award.

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