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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Sneak Peek - The Glamourai

Up early and cruising through all of my friends blogs and I saw this wonderful post from Shrimpton Couture contributor that shows a sneak peek of one necklace from the next batch of lovely pieces coming in just a few days! I have copied her post in full, because besides the peek of the future bling you can buy in her section of Shrimpton Couture, it also give you an idea of her impeccable style! I think we should ask for some of her other creations too, no? And if you want first dibs on this necklace let me know!

Costume of the day/sugar high

someone recently asked me how i maintain my layer-loving-look when the weather heats up? the answer is ice.

indeed, when i am unable to immerse myself in myriad textiles, i texturize by adding more bric-a-brac and bling. so let it be given that from now until approximately september i'll be having a mega marie antoinette moment (confession: i have been watching sophia coppola's film on repeat while making jewelry).
i want candy! i want to crystallize this, ribbon tie that! i want tulle and satin and lace! i want to wear my cake and ice it too.

there is a symmetry then, that the sweet lovelies over at ice.com ( ! ) just sent me the most dazzling earrings ~ on which i tied teensy-tiny silver bows. i tell you i just can't help it!

i also couldn't help wearing this necklace just once before shipping it off to shrimpton couture. sometimes it breaks my heart to part with things i've made - my babies! - but unlike some other queens, i'm slowly learning how to share.

custom-made paper hat (the band was originally a lanvin belt), ysl sunnies, earrings from ice.com, self-designed necklace, vintage kimono (used to be floor-length, i had it shortened), h+m bandage dress, prevata lace booties, vintage morris moskowitz fur bag

Sorry everyone but this one has been pre-sold!
Items can go fast at Shrimpton Couture - you have to snag em when you can!!

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