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True Love

The green silk coat
By Jenny (mom of a 3yo)

True love is humoring your wife when she finds a dumb-ass green coat at an thrift shop that she says she "needs" even though it's July in Houston.

True love is trying to convince your husband that the silken, vintage coat is a steal and will make you feel like Endora from Bewitched (but hotter) every time you wear it, but then giving up when he tries to convince you that you can find better deals at the local coat factory.

True love is watching your wife try on 68 coats at the coat factory and not strangling her when she sighs that none of them compare to the old silk coat.

True love is not screaming at your husband for making you try on a bunch of old lady coats when the coat you really want is two hours away and you know you'll never see it again.

True love is nicely telling your wife that technically the old green coat is "an old lady coat" since it's practically an antique and not slapping her when she responds "It's not the same thing".

True love is deciding to quietly let the thought of the silken, green coat fade over the weeks and not constantly telling your husband that he was totally wrong about the stupid coat factory.

True love is opening up your husband's trunk to find this:

True love is not accusing him of buying it for his mistress.

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Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

Oh my god that was such a sweet read. I love it! Fiction cannot get better than that.

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