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Girl crushes & strapless dresses

This morning on the jak & Jill blog I spotted these two photos of Anna Dello Russo in two versions of a strapless dress

I instantly developed a girl crush.

First of all we have the same studded Balmain shoes so I know we would be instant BFFs.

Second, the girl is not afraid to wear color which I love - we all wear too much black

Third, I have a soft spot for strapless dresses and along with my fave one shoulder look, wear them constantly throughout the summer, so Anna & I could swap. i could teach her how to wear vintage ones with her Balmains for when she wants to be vintage cool rather then couture cool.

These are my picks for Anna when she finds my blog and emails me and we instantly bond and she wants to borrow


1970s Sequin Strapless Dress

2001 YSL Rive Gauche Dress

1980s Unlabeled Ungaro Dress

Click here if you want to see the other strapless dresses you can scoop out from under Anna


WendyB said...

I used to hate strapless dresses but now I love them. Still HATE strapless bras though!

Rococo Vintage said...

It's true... strapless bras can be the biggest pain in the ass! I finally started shelling out serious cash for quality ones, and oh my lordy lord how big a difference expensive bras make!!

Mewer said...

What are Nu Bras for?

Mewer said...

By the way, Wendy, that is one HOT bare-back red dress...AMAZING!

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