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Look what's Coming!!

The Glamourai wrote a lovely blog this morning - a send off to her next 4 pieces that should be on my doorstep today - I have pasted it here for you to see. These are truly spectacular pieces and you should take a peek. All are availbale for pre-order.

Also I am really please to tell you that Shrimpton Couture will be carrying a couture capsule collection from Louis Black that will debut in the next day or so as well.
Watch this space for previews of that collection too!!

i bid adieu to four very special necklaces today, to brighten other wardrobes via shrimpton couture.

every piece i make is meticulously sculpted, and truly one-of-a-kind. my working style is very free-form; i literally will start with one crystal, then weave it with another, then another...

sometimes i have a general look in mind, but i never know exactly how a piece will turn out. i just trust the materials to show me when to add more, when to reduce, and when i am finished. at some mysterious moment (after many hours, sometimes days), they come together. my hands ache, they are always a mess; jewelry making is physical as well as cerebral work!

i've adjusted very slowly to accepting the idea of selling my jewelry. every piece i make is so personal to me. they are like little diary entries, more expressive than words to convey how i'm feeling, what i want to celebrate.

though i had been perfectly happy keeping this catalogue to myself, i'm glad i 'went public.' it's been really touching to get to know my new clients, several of whom have already started collecting ~ plucking from etsy, shrimpton, or placing custom orders through this blog. it is inspiring for me to always make something new, and there is an intimacy in having something beautiful which is yours alone.

(above + below featured in style sample magazine)

still, i am a little sad every time i part with a piece of jewelry. every one is a memory for me, but it is nice to dream of the mark they will make outside my little life, all across the world.

(all works pictured are available for presale via shrimpton couture)


Sorry girls
Black Orchid Petal Necklace (the piece with the black ribbons and fish)
is now SOLD

The Amber Chrysalis Collar is now SOLD as well

Sorry but ALL four of these are now SOLD
More to come soon!

Don't forget their are more Glamourai piece available at the shop too!
Jump to see them here


PS If thats not enough for you - watch for a SLEW of
NEW RSVP pieces and more fabulous vintage all coming this week!


Denise @ Swelle said...

How stunning! I love how each of her collections is unique, and the individual pieces offer something different and special as well. Droooool!

Dream Sequins said...

Wonderful pieces!!! They are definitely unique items.

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