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Louise Black is COMING SOON

I am so excited to be just a day or so away from officially welcoming Louise Black to the Shrimpton Couture line-up of fabulous goodies!

About a month or so ago I received an email from Louise saying that our fabulous shared client, Courtney Love, had urged Louise to get in touch with me. Courtney thought that we might be a good fit for each other and she was spot on!!

I love the work that Louise Black does, its rocker chic mixed with Victorian girlie decadence and I already personally own a few pieces that I wear regularly to rave reviews!
Her workmanship is incredible- I am incredibly picky about the quality and I am a fan - she does tight stitching, uses incredible antique and vintage textile remnants, and all are mixed and constructed into beautiful piece done with an astonishing aesthetic!

I will be posting more pictures soon and launching the entire line - I have 6 pieces in my hands right now and there are 6 more coming shortly.

I anticipate that like The Glamourai she will soon be selling out before I can even get items posted so watch this space carefully for updates!

Here is a sneak peek of one of her incredible cuff bracelets

Trust me when I say that Louise Black is on the cusp of being the next big thing so grab her pieces while you can!!

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Denise @ Swelle said...

Woooow! That is exquisite. I cannot wait to see what else is coming. I feel like I shouldn't leave my computer!

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