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Nothing New Under The Sun

I saw this picture this morning and had a giggle. This is the cast from Sophie's Revenge at a Press conference. My eyes immediately zoomed in on Fan Bing who is wearing an asymmetrical Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2009 maxi dress with a leopard print

I noticed it becasue it looks oddly familiar - somewhat like my 1970s Alfred Shaheen one shoulder maxi that was recently sent off as a feature in the Dujour Magazine Vintage issue. Its one of my favorite pieces and was a loan from my personal archives

And so the wheels of fashion go round and round no?

The 1970s Shaheen or 2009 Ferragamo?
Who did it better?


WendyB said...

There's nothing new under the sun, right? I like them both in this case!

Anonymous said...

I thought leopards had spots, not stripes...

Denise @ Swelle said...

I think I prefer the Shaheen. The Ferragamo print seems too big, or maybe it's too big for her, she's teensy!

Wow, I wonder how many of these you'll be able to spot in a year!

Market Publique said...

Love them both too!

And yes they are eerily familiar.

The black may be more flattering to wear though, because you need to be super tall and have an awesome figure to pull the Shaheen one!

I bought my first Shaheen dress this weekend! Thrilled - will take photos for the blog :)

Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

the original is ALWAYS better! Especially when it was a fabulous design to begin with. Let's face it - no one will be fighting for some double knit poly jumpsuit - EVER! But yes, nothing new under the sun.

Mewer said...

I love both for different reasons (I don't know if Fan Bing Bing would have been able to pull off the Shaheen). But DAMN! that Shaheen dress is good looking...I love the knot, I love the bottom of the dress, I love the slit!

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