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Shout Out - Style Bubble!

Was so excited to find out that the RSVP line was featured in Style Bubble!
I have copied it for you to see but please pop over to Style Bubble if its not already a daily read!

23 June 2009

RSVP To This

Reworked vintage conjures up some fairly mediocre beige (not the colour but the FEELING of beige) things for me. It's all too easy to chop up a fairly decent vintage dress, whack on some ribbone/lace and take up the hem and call it 'reworked' and then price it up accordingly. It's a sub category of vintage that people take great pride in, but there's only so much excitement you can exude for a maxi dress taken up with a bit of elastic sewn into the waist. That said, 'reworked vintage' hasn't completely been struck off yet. Especially when you look at the work of RSVP who caught my eye when I was browsing the haute vintage site Shrimpton Couture. No quickie elastic fix here. With some pieces, I can't even discern what the original garments looked like before RSVP's reworkings and that's because they've taken them far away from their original form. With others, there's been a restoration process where it's much like those scientific paint dabbers, working away at a painting in a painting. I'm particularly drawn to the sheer pieces that look like they can be thrown over anything...


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FashionConsciou$ said...

Love the first dress - very pretty.

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