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Spotted - Megan Fox

I thought this was in interesting juxtaposition to the Halle Berry post.

This red Roberto Cavalli gown illustrates beyond a doubt how much fabric (or lack of it) and cut can really change what is basically the same dress design wise as the one Halle is wearing below.

Which do you prefer?


Eris said...

Halle Berry is definitely the better dressed. Its a no-brainer. I hate to be bitchy, but Megan Fox can't seem to pull of the sexy and classy look. Rather tacky & gauche if you ask me....

Moni said...

Halle for sure, Megan Fox looks like she's trying way to hard to be sexy, it hurts! Every premier of her new movie, shes does those sex kitten posing, looks like she believes her own hype.

Au Contraire said...

Fox just tries to hard. Everything about her screams, "look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME!!!" lol
I read in article that there was one reason Megan Fox was in Transformers2. And we are looking at it.

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