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Inspiration - Starlets

Vogue ran these photos taken by the great Terry O'Neill this morning and I could not help but re-post them for you. These are some of the most beautiful women in the work and Terry had a way of capturing them in a moment that let you see them a tad unguarded, just to the left of their public persona's. Which will you use as your inspiration today?

Brigitte Bardot

Faye Dunaway

Brigitte Bardot

Audrey Hepburn

Rachel Welch

Sophia Loren

Jacqueline Bisset

Terry O'Neill: Behind The Scenes in association with Getty Images
opens tonight at Westfield and runs until August 3.


WendyB said...

Raquel's body still blows my mind!

jen laceda said...

Ooh! I haven't seen Jaqueline Bisset in a long time!

Sarah said...

Great post! I've always loved Terry O'Neill's work.

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