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moon river / the glamourai for shrimpton couture

like legions of other fancy-loving ladies, i have long been inspired by movie classic, 'breakfast at tiffany's.'

i adore the way that audrey hepburn's character, holly golightly, uses bold but classic accessories to jazz up a relatively simple (though by no means basic) wardrobe. this styling trick has recently been used to great effect by fashionable first lady michelle obama, and (on a much smaller stage) i too incorporate the theory into my own everyday costumes!

shortly after i began sharing my collection of jeweled frappes with the chic shoppers at shrimpton couture, i re-watched this famous flick for the trillionth time. i kept pausing over ms. golightly's playfully purposeful use of brooches (one perched on her pearls, another roosted in her coiffure). i started rethinking how useful these forgotten baubles could be, and determined to make better use of them in my own be-jewelry forays (see also: bibs!).

similarly, i was struck by the effective use of 'back interest' in the costumery of the film. no angle was left neglected! holly made as striking an exit as any grand entrance!

this wisdom observed and absorbed, i set to work modernizing the 'golightly look.' the first fruit of my fixation was the aptly named holly golightly necklace. this piece has since sold, but the look remains fresh. thus, i recently reinvented the twisted crystal styling, now set in all black wrapping ~ the way audrey hepburn herself might have worn it!

like the inimitable audrey, all glamourai jewels are one-of-a-kind. thank you for admiring them as much as i enjoy making them!!!!
UPDATE added by Cherie
Sorry girls - this one is now SOLD


Midtown Girl said...

Love this post and reminds me of my obsession with estate jewelery influenced by int'l aristocracy.

I am working on a few pieces for giveaways! Will share pics once I am finished ;-)

Hanako66 said...

it is GORGEOUS!!!!!

elena said...

awww...audrey...one of my fave's...my friends often laugh at me while watching movies...how i will pick up on every tiny detail of an outfit...nice to know someone else has that same obsession...
so thankful to shrimpton couture for introducing us to you!

jarsika said...

Oh boy. All your stuff is so LOVELY and now that fact that you give some influential experience to that movie?!?!? I think I'm in love :)



♥ fashion chalet said...

Lovely LOVELY post, Audreyyy! :)


alexkeller said...

i really need to watch it again!

Mewer said...

Great post, glamourai!! Hope more is to come in the future!

Ashita Alix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xAZD said...

WOW! that necklace is stunning and the inspiration is clear :)

jessieADORE said...

That's so beautiful it almost brought tears to my eyes.

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