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RSVP me!

Hi, I am the designer behind the RSVP line.
I decided to call my re-rejuvenated vintage line RSVP as I like the idea of things from different eras still being both charming and relevant, useful and responsive to the needs of the modern woman. And we have so many: How else can I explain the Massive vintage collection I seem to have - somehow gosh whoops accidentally - gathered over the past 25 years? As a visual artist my excuse is/was always that I need them for sculpture installations. This IS true. However, these precious textiles, glam dresses and exquisite bits and bobs are crying to be loved and worn. Now this splendor-in-the-grass green flapper gown you see here has the most beautiful 'respondez s'il vous plait' story as the two pieces just found each other, magically, after 20 years of solitude! The gold lace lame flapper was lovingly restored last year (thanks for the early onset reading glass) with delicate 20's lame thread purloined from a sad old scarf. And last spring along came a glowing 20's satin slip dress in mr. right green and the lovely yet lonely golden flapper realized this was it - time for some bubbles and limelight. So this is what the RSVP line is all about; the serendipity of unique pieces that create something new out of the old. I think maybe it could be called green dressing, envirofashion, wastenotstyle or maybe just recycling? Oh, but what irreverent glamour and total devotion to beauty!

For the Shrimpton Team,

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MH said...

I love the RSVP line and featured it in today's post on The Recessionista.

Beautiful pieces!!

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