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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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THREE New The Glamourai Pieces are available for pre-order!

Three new fabulous & exclusive pieces are now available for pre-order at Shrimpton Couture from the beautiful The Glamourai!

All three of these pieces are inspired by the Marie Antoinette series that everyone died for and that was snapped up as quick as I could get them listed! These are all expected in shop next week and will ship to the the lucky girls who snap them up the same day they are in my hands! Click on any picture to jump to the pre-order page!

La Dauphine Necklace by The Glamourai
You MUST jump to see the back of this piece!

La Dauphine Bracelet by The Glamourai

And last but not least the Theodosia Necklace by The Glamourai

PS Last week's pre-order pieces are all now moved to The Glamourai's boutique shop within Shrimpton Couture. Only one is left out of those three and she sent me some pictures she has snapped of that one before it was sent to me. I thought you might like to see it in action!

The Bandit's Bounty by The Glamourai!
Click the pic or title to jump!

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Revolution Vintage said...

LOVE the Glamourai! She is amazing!

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