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If you doubt your vintage is an investment...

..... then boy do I have news for you.

It can be worth SO much that its actually being forged like a Louis Vuitton bag

this story from WWD.com:

PUNK CLOTHING CASE SET FOR TRIAL: Three people accused of being involved with making and selling fake Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren punk-era clothing were bailed following a plea and case management hearing at London’s Southwark Crown Court Tuesday, to appear at a trial fixed for May. Grant Champkins-Howard, Vesna Grandes-Howard and Lee Parker next year will face charges of possession of controlled articles for use in fraud, proceeds of crime and conspiracy to defraud, a spokesman for Southwark Crown Court said Wednesday. All three pleaded not guilty to those charges Tuesday. The trio is alleged to have made and sold clothing they claimed was made by McLaren and Westwood in the Seventies, during the time the designers ran the King’s Road store Sex, which was later named Seditionaries. Prior to initiating the court proceedings, police seized clothing from the defendants’ homes and from the auction houses Christie’s in London and Kerry Taylor Auctions.

Vintage Westwood pieces can fetch the moon and I bet it was one of the well trained eyes at those auction houses that busted them.

The nerve to knock off vintage!

I think proper punishment should be to put them in a vintage style jail
like from the 1800s
and to hold with the whole "clothing theme"
let's make sure their vintage jailers are well versed in "racks"

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al.amendola said...

i like your thoughts on how they should be punished haha

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