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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Real Life Vintage Spot - Kate!

The saddest thing about running a website is that I don't get to have that thrill of seeing a client slip on her perfect dress and start to twirl as she realizes how utterly fabulous she really looks! So when someone takes the time to send me a picture I cannot even begin to tell you how honoured I feel and how HAPPY it makes me.

A few weeks back Kate contacted me to ask about a dress and she narrowed her wish list down to this little silk organza one from the 1950s.

It has tons of details - a gathered bodice, double layer skirt, a pretty scooped and the fabric is to die. Its a good one - trust me!

So I packed it up and crossed my fingers and toes and not only did she love but she sent me pictures!! She said I can share so here is beautiful Kate in her Shrimpton Couture dress

Is she a stunner or what?
And Kate can I just say that the shoes you picked are TRES perfection!
Happy dances for you!


alexkeller said...

not sure i'm brave enough to do this...

Shrimpton Couture said...

eeek don't even say it. Did I not post my big butt? LOL I bet you are gorgeous so be brave girl!!

Mewer said...

SO PRETTY, Kate!!!

Much better on you than on the mannequin!

And I'm sure you would be beautiful, alexkeller! Just do it!!!

Jennifer said...

I have an AMAZINGLY AWESOMSE dress on reserve and I can't wait to put her on and send pictures!!! I'm gonna rock yo world ... well, with a lot of help from my new fabulous frock!

WendyB said...

She looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee - please know that my sourpuss, uber ultra serious lips are just for fun!!!! I'm the least modely girl you could meet (I do have the height but that's all).

Thanks for blogging me! Happy to share the Shrimpton LOVE!!!

Kate in Reno, NV

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