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Storm of Feathers

Hi guys, Angie here, back again to share with you the first of my necklace designs, made just for Shrimpton Couture. Many of you may have seen the plethora of fringe necklaces and earrings in my Etsy shop, but for this special edition necklace I wanted to make something TRULY one of a kind, something that I could really only make one of, so I knew I had to start with some sort of vintage piece from my stash of goodies.

I sorted through my many boxes and drawers of trims, ribbons, buttons, clasps and chains, and found this great strip of metal mesh, which has always seemed kind of futuristic/post-apocalyptic to me, but yet also very 70s disco. Soooooo futuristic post-apocalyptic disco.

Of course.

So this was my starting point, and from there I came up with the metallic/purply/slightly gothic colour palette of black/silver/lilac and knew that these lilac feathers I had would be perfect. In order to attach the feathers to the chain I made little bundles of three feathers, with the curves of each feather pointing outwards and connected them with small silver fasteners. I love these little bundles, I think they look sweet enough to eat.

I've been wanting to do some sort of bib shaped necklace for awhile, so I pulled out my leather bin (yes, a whole bin...the hoarding problem is deep) looked through my leathers and found a great black leather with a subtle swirling zebra-esque pattern embossed on it. Perfect.

From there I began playing around with the metal mesh, silver chain and some jump rings (the rings used to connect chain) and discovered that some of my rings were the perfect size to fit right through the mesh, and the design was born from that. So from there I just played around, adding chain, taking off chain, playing with the shape of the leather bib, moving feathers around, until I was completely happy with the design. In the end this piece reminds me a bit of a storm: the cloud of feathers, the metallic strips reminiscent of the electricity/lightning, and the fringe the heavy flow of dark rain. Whoa man, that's totally deep.


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Love Baby Grand said...

Yep, I'm definately still drooling. Love the collection!

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