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This weeks Herald De Paris Column is out

NEW YORK (Herald de Paris) - Unless you live under a very non-fashionable rock, you are probably aware that it is Fashion Week in New York City. These are THE shows of the year, with editors, clients, bloggers and media all vying for the right invites to the right shows and it is a really big deal to the fashion world.

I love the start of the shows as much as any fashion conscious girl and eagerly await the news feeds to see what is hot and where things are going trend-wise. But I have to say from a vintage perspective, I tend to stay somewhat nonplussed. I look at the shows not only for what they are showcasing for the new season, but what might be of interest to me years from now. For me, fashion shows get more important the longer they become a thing of the past.....

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I love this. This is the first time I've heard of Herald De Paris, but this one piece alone has made me obsessed. Lovely! :)


There must be a way to introduce a virtual-visual-collection of vintage-work on catwalks...

theTrendyDwarf said...

Lovely picture! Wow! Strong words in your article! I love your writing style! From now on I will be checking you out because I didn't know your writing style was so cool!
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Paris Hotels said...

You used the photo to mention that green is the color of this fall? :) Anyhow, i think that we can come visit or just watch the TV coverage of the NYC fashion week all the time, but nonetheless - we can go to Paris fashion week once a lifetime! i booked my trip there last June with LastMinuteTravel and had a great time :) try it out!

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