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Vintage Vs New

I spotted this picture today over at Red Carpet Fashion Awards of the gorgeous Eva Mendes wearing a Chloé by Hannah MacGibbon Resort 2010 dress.

I immediately thought of this dress that is up on my site. Its a immaculate 1950s Mexican Wedding dress that is to die for.

Aren't they amazingly similar?
Except the original has loads more hand finished details.
And I think the sleeves are better and more dramatic
What do you think?
Like the new or the old?


Wicked Halo said...

Indeed they're really REALLY similar, but I think I like yours better, those sleeves make all the difference!

laurakitty said...

Definitely the original! I'm such a sucker for bell sleeves.

alexkeller said...

the original, of course!

Louise said...

I agree. The sleeves are much nicer on your dress. I'm sure a lucky lady will snap it up soon.

Jill said...

The original is beautiful. Makes me want to have another wedding! Luckily we renew our vows every year...my excuse to get new dresses! I'm linking to you today. A necklace I bought a while back.


Original is Better!
..but, I don't thing "resort" was expected to stroll down the "red carpet".

Laura [What I Like] said...

Oooh...old most definitely! For those sleeves alone...

Dahlia Delis said...

Of course the original mexican wedding dress is way better,i actually sent my girlfriend who is getting married the link for this dress in your site,hope she gets it!
and i also just featured your site and all your work on my blog,and i post this dress,cause i always been in love with it ,i mean Chloe is good for shoes and bags,but that's about it for me.


WendyB said...

They're both great but the sleeves on yours are best!

Megan V said...

I vote Vintage!!!
But if I was really going to wear the vintage, I'd probably want to do the terrible thing of altering it to make it a bit modern. The details are gorgeous on this!

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