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Lovely Shrimpton Client Spot!

I always am so happy when I can share pictures of my fabulous clients wearing their treasures from Shrimpton Couture. Judy posted this picture on her blog today and sent me the link and I could not resist posting it here as well. She is the author of the Atlantis Home blog and its sort of funny that though I read her blog every day for some reason it did not clue in who she was when she purchased this 1970s Adolfo sweater dress from me. It was only afterward that I found out and had a bit of a laugh at my clueless self. She looks incredible and if you are not already a daily reader of her blog you need to pop over


Dream Sequins said...

i love this woman's blog. the sweater looks amazing on her!

Jill said...


Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

Her and her daughter are just amazing and stylish!

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