We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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i am a deliquent blogger

I know I know I am sorry - I have been terribly busy and I tend to twitter before I blog (insert pathetic promise to blog more here)

Here are some pretty pics to tide you over till I actually do blog proper again:

Forget the other girls -Marisa Tomei is in vintage Jean Desses

My gorgeous Rachel is in Pucci here

This is Meredith Melling Burke who works at Vogie, in a Christian Cota dress with a Rick Owens jacket. None of it is vintage but I like it anyway

Here is courtney love looking all grown up and elegant
also not in vintage but she looks so fab I don't care

And if you prefer to read -you can always jump to the latest installation of the Shrimpton column at the Herald de Paris


Louise said...

The Jean Desses dress is to die for. I posted about it the other day too.

alexkeller said...

Rachel looks fabulous

mAdi*cakes said...

LOVE Zoe! She always gets it right. Every.single.time.
Loving Merediths outfit too!
"] looking forward to the next post


Mens casual jackets said...

What a fabulous dresses! Wish i had something similar to these in my wardrobe!

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