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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Natalia Vodianova

Here is another celebrity vintage spot that I am behind on posting.
Natalia Vodianova wore this spectacular Fortuny to the 2009 British Fashion Awards.
Natalia is know for having quite the collection of Fortuny's. I posted about this one that met a more disastrous end.

Funny story - that post was tagged by some big new agency and sat atop their main story broad for months and I was flooded by people leaving the NASTIEST comments about children dying and people suffering and how dare I post that this was a tragedy when there where so many more important things in life. True btw but Holy get a life people right back.

This is a fashion blog
I am supposed to be shallow
like Duh

Anyway, no mishaps to this gorgeous blue off shoulder version, so I might be safe this time from all the people lined up to put me firmly in my place.

(tough job that and long line too - hope you brought snacks)



I wish I knew how to beam out a bright smile the way she shines out.

VA said...

we love natalia too

check out our blog also a homage to vintage


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